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Would you like to add an additional donation to the Grimes Lions Scholarship Program? We award scholarships to DC-G graduating students in recognition of their outstanding achievements in school and participation in community service initiatives. These scholarships assist the students in their planned post-secondary education.

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Home Flags 2023

Grimes Lions,  assisted by local community groups, will place a 3’x 5’ flag in your front yard for 5 holidays per year.  Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day. A plastic pipe will be buried in your front lawn permanently, flush with the ground, to hold the flagstaff. 

Please indicate in the "Additional Information" field if any address has any underground utilities in the lawn such as a sprinkler system, gutter drains or underground pet fences that Iowa One Call will not locate.  

NOTE: The flag and pole remain property of Grimes Lions Club. 

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