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The proceeds are used to support scholarships and youth programs in our community of Irving. Rotarians are dedicated businessmen and businesswomen who dedicate their time to helping those in our community and across the world

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Home & Business, Gift for Friend / Relative ($60.00)

We will install a permanent plastic pipe/sleeve in your front lawn where we will place a pole with 3’x 5’ flag for 5 holidays per year, and pick it up after each holiday. The flag and staff will remain the property of the Irving - Las Colinas Rotary Club.

Important Notice: Neighborhood Entrance or Common Area Flags must be purchased as a separate "Common Area and Neighborhood Flags" product, even if you are buying it as a gift.


Millennium Fountain / Arch & Walk ($100)

The Irving Las Colinas Rotary Club will place 3ft. x 5ft. United States flags on 10 foot poles around Irving’s Millennium Fountain, Arch and Walk, a symbol of the city’s entrance into the 21st century.

Honor someone you know by sponsoring a state in their name. Your sponsorship will be recognized on the Flags Over Irving website and on a Card attached to the flag representing the state you have chosen. 

Check our flag sponsor page for ideas from your friends and neighbors.


Common Area & Neighborhood Entrance Flags ($40)

Place a flag in a Neighborhood Entrance or Common area on 5 holidays.

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