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This is our 12th year offering the holiday flag program, and the flags look beautiful lining neighborhood streets on the 7 holidays. Thank you all for your past participation

Pay by Credit Card
This year, we strongly urge you to pay by credit card on our secure, encrypted, payment page. This saves our volunteers countless hours of payment processing time and improves the accuracy and delivery of your flag. 

Pay by Check
We still offer "Pay by Check", just click on the image, on the right side of this page, to download the PDF form.

Deadline to pay by check is Feb 4th, 2021. If you decide to pay by check after this date, your first flag delivery will be on Memorial Day Holiday.

Friends of Fairview, assisted by local community groups, will place a 3’x 5’ flag in your front yard for 7 holidays per year, and pick it up again after the holiday. A plastic pipe will be buried in your front lawn permanently, flush with the ground, to hold the flagstaff. The flag and staff will remain the property of the Friends of Fairview.

About Us
Friends of Fairview was created in 2007 as a 501c3 organization to provide tax-deductible benefits to individuals and companies who want to donate to the Fairview Fire Rescue Department. The organization is independent of the City of Fairview and the Fairview Fire Rescue Department. Our mission is to help recruit, retain and improve the health and wellbeing of career & volunteer firefighters who are active members of the Fairview Fire Rescue Department. Our purpose is to raise funds to provide recognition and appreciation of the firefighters who serve our community.  Through our fund-raising activities, we are also able to provide additional items for these brave men and women that are not included in the City or fire department budgets. We also participate in community events to provide information about Friends of Fairview activities.

Friends Of Fairview

Helping With Flags
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Print and Email Print Form and Mail it in Helping With Flags
Print and Email Print Form and Mail it in Helping With Flags