Wooster Rotary Parade of Flags

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Home & Business Flags

The Wooster Rotary Club, assisted by local community groups, will place an American flag in your front yard for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriots Day and Veterans Day and pick the flag up after each holiday. A plastic pipe will be buried in your front lawn permanently, flush with the ground, to hold the flagstaff. A cap will cover the pipe when not in use. The City of Wooster has approved the flag to be placed on “tree lawns” where available. The flag and staff will remain the property of the Wooster Rotary Club.


Library Field of Heroes

Honor a Veteran or Hero with a subscription to an American Flag to be placed at the Wooster location of the Wayne County Library during each of five holidays in his or her honor. You can designate your Veteran's name, rank, service branch, and service dates. This is a wonderful way to show your pride and love for our country and a Veteran. The Flag will stand in quiet reverence during Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day.